Stop Managing Your Business With A Spreadsheet!

It’s time to move your business to the cloud!

Cloud Onboard ConnectCPA

Stop wasting your time manually inputting every transaction into a spreadsheet that you may one day accidentally overwrite or delete.  

Stop using folders to store receipts and bills that may fade out, get torn, or even worse, thrown out.  

And Stop invoicing with a spreadsheet or word document, because it just isn't professional.  

With the advent of web-based accounting solutions, you can now manage your business like the big boys!

Cloud accounting provides you with the ability to maintain your accounting records online using sophisticated software that are easy to use. Traditional accounting software was used mainly by accountants and was slow, installed locally (on a computer’s hard-drive) and were ugly to look at.

The main players in the industry (Xero, Wave, Kashoo, Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks) provide beautiful user interfaces, secure authentications, live bank feeds, backups and much, much more at a minor cost (some are even free).   We have seen our clients pick up the accounting process with the above mentioned software with just a few hours of training and most were ready to manage their business’ sales and expenses all by themselves.   The following highlight a few of the features that our clients love most:    

Bye-bye Manual Data Entry  

Gone are the days of tedious manual inputs - just connect your bank account and let the accounting software do most of the work. With the click of a mouse you can categorize your transactions to specific accounts, apply partial payments to invoices and bulk code multiple transactions in one swoop.  


Send invoices with the click of a button directly from your accounting system and track who has and hasn’t paid you. And even accept payment directly from an invoice. With cloud accounting systems, your new operation can appear as though it has been in business for years.  

Anytime, Anywhere  

Because your accounting data is stored in the cloud, you are able to access your financial information from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you’re at home, on a flight or on the beach, you can be on top of your financial information. ...and dont worry, all of the cloud-based accounting solutions use the same data encryption that online banks use.  


Every business owner’s worst nightmare is having their financial data tampered with, stolen or completely deleted. And if you’re a business owner who has regularly scheduled backups, you probably hate the fact that you need to even think about this.   Cloud accounting providers maintain daily automatic backups on multiple servers worldwide, giving you peace of mind.  

There’s An App For That

Similar to how you can download apps to your smartphone, there are tons of add-ons to improve the way you manage your accounting records that speak to your accounting system. For example, our clients love using the receipt management app that we provide them with, which allows them to snap pictures of receipts and bills and then toss them away.  

Final Thoughts  

Time is money and cloud accounting helps small business owners save enormous amounts of time through efficiencies gained by utilizing the newest technologies to manage their financial activities.   At ConnectCPA we are one of a few firms in Canada that specialize in this area, and although we are biased, we do believe that hiring someone with an expertise in the area is a must.