Why we love working remotely - sincerely, ConnectCPA

Working remotely is a hot topic these days.  Businesses large and small are experimenting with this model to see whether it makes a positive impact on their team and company.

Here at ConnectCPA, our team is fully remote and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Could we have done this 10 years ago? Probably not, or at least not as effectively. These days, technology offers such great communication and collaboration tools that being in the office doesn’t mean more productivity.

We’re convinced that for most, working remotely provides a better working experience and contributes to overall happier days.

We thought we’d let the team share their thoughts on the positives of working remotely.

A better you

Control over your schedule provides you with the time to focus on personal matters, such as family time and exercising. By removing commute time from your daily agenda, you open up your day and can fill it with tasks aimed at personal wellness.

Our favourites:  

Aaron and Mike - Exercise.png

Controlling your schedule

Working in an office setting forces you to get personal things done after work hours.  That’s not always possible or even feasible. Booking vacation days to renew your license or visit the doctor seems unfair when they are regular life occurrences.

So long as you can execute on your day-to-day tasks with excellence and in a timely manner, you should have the flexibility to get things done during the day.

We control our schedules by using some of these great apps:

Updated - David, Ivan, Mariella - Flexible Schedule, Time for Errands.png

More time with family and friends

Spending time with family and friends is at the core of our mission in spreading remote work awareness.  Family and friends aside, even quality ‘me’ time has a significant impact on overall productivity and wellness.

Cutting commute times and having the flexibility to work different hours provides our team members with a different pace to their day - and allows for some additional quality time.

Updated - Lior, Claire, Mat, Emma, Allison - Loved Ones and Family.png

....and Pets

Pets need love too!

Working from home allows our team to take care of and spend time with our lovely pets.  A morning stroll or afternoon playtime session goes a long way in creating happier days.

  • Check out our instagram for some pictures with our ConnectCPA pets

Updated - Cassidy, Julia, Tracie - Flexible Schedule, Time with Pets.png

Work from anywhere

Sometimes you need a jolt of creativity or a change of scenery to stay productive.  Whether it’s at a cottage, on a beach or at a coffee shop - if you have WiFi - you’re golden.

With the right setup and strong internet connection, you’re able to get your work done.

We’re able to stay productive with some of these tools:

Updated - Shafman, Chris, Tom - Work from Anywhere.png

Hobbies matter

It’s important to unplug and do what you love.  Whether it’s cooking, hiking, shopping or sports - the body and mind need that outlet in order to focus on other areas of your life.

By working smart and controlling your schedule, our team is able to stay true to their passions.

Updated - Brendan and Redine - Hobbies, Cooking.png

There you have it - the ConnectCPA team loves working remotely! Do you? Feel free to let us know how you feel in the ‘comments’ section below.

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